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The victim was also strangled before being displayed on the ceiling, and she was chloroformed to subdue her struggles, and the killer wore surgical gloves to prevent his fingerprints or DNA from transferring to her corpse.This suggests that the killer is calm and meticulous, and that he knows what he is doing and understands homicide investigation procedure, and, as Castle notes that he enjoyed it.Investigation of the prints found on the door have revealed that there is a pair that do not match either Tessa or her roommate, but do match a set of prints found in the system—specifically, those of Richard Castle.Beckett, surprised, insists that Castle must have actually touched the door as he entered the crime scene, but Esposito replies that CSU are adamants that these prints were discovered before either Beckett or Castle arrived.As they watch the footage, the detectives realize that the man on the tape is not Kurtzman—and are astonished when the man turns to reveal that he is apparently Castle.Beckett is again adamant that there must be a mistake and reacts defensively to Esposito pointing out that the evidence is building against Castle.After Beckett storms out, Ryan takes Esposito aside and reveals that Castle and Beckett are in a relationship together.

Beckett is troubled, however, by Kurtzman's reaction to their questioning—while everything so far suggests a cool, levelheaded killer, Kurtzman's reaction to questioning suggests the exact opposite, and his lack of an alibi is glaring for someone who had otherwise planned his crime so carefully.

A woman returns from a trip to discover that her roommate, Tessa Horton has been murdered in an unusually vicious, sadistic and ritualistic way.

Her body has been suspended from the ceiling using hooks and razor wire, and an unusual symbol has been carved into her head with a razor.

He says that he is only revealing it now due to the direction the case was taking.

The two are adamant that Castle cannot be the killer and are determined to find evidence to exonerate him—a something that becomes a lot more difficult when they discover that Castle apparently withdrew the cashier's check used to buy the earrings.

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Beckett takes Castle aside and reveals the evidence building against him, demanding an explanation; Castle is unable to furnish one, and the discussion ends in confusion as the detectives discover something very incriminating in his office.

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