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In the case of Web APIs (Microsoft or otherwise), centralized patterns for REST are key.Attribute routing is cute, but it makes one-off exceptions far too tempting. There's a much better way of doing multiple parameters with GETs.By marking I mean simply tracking which records are processed and returned so that subsequent calls don't repeat them.In my case I'm just making an insert into another table to track which are processed.Right now I do have it implemented as a POST mainly for the reason you said--actions happen and the consumer is aware of them.Plus it seems easy and most flexible with resp to passing different data [email protected]: POST is the way to go for me, but your protocol doesn't seem to be safe.The "From Uri" looks like a great way to get the parameters from the url.Another article that might be helpful: asp.net/web-api/overview/formats-and-model-binding/…As far as SEO, in this case it wouldn't apply.

This isn't really a supported scenario for us, so i'd prefer if I could just switch off the automatic reloading. Update: it is actually possible, there are a number of methods, well documented, as explained in this answer* Original answer: There is a similar question here just for other reference. Configuration Changes Cause a Restart of the Application Domain Changes to configuration settings in Web.config files indirectly cause the application domain to restart. You can optionally use the config Source attribute to reference external configuration files that do not cause a restart when a change is made.

Essentially, you bind the query string names to class properties and pass them into your method.

Your method will take a single class argument marked with the [From Uri] attribute and will have your query string arguments as its properties.

I just had to implement a RESTfull api where I need to pass parameters.

I did this by passing the parameters in the query string in the same style as described by Mark's first example "api/controller?

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What if something happens and records are retrieved on client side, but not processed due to a bug?

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