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* Similarly, proper names such as Ibrahim and Musd (peace be on them) have been retained in their Arabic, forms as the Muslims residing in any part of the hemisphere and speaking any language of the world arc familiar with them. Book II 1, Fundamentals oflslam 2, Belief Visa-Vis Al-lah 3. Although women are not commanded to cover their faces while offering Sal at, they are not allowed to come out with their faces uncovered in the presence of men other than their kith and kin. How is it if some concealable part of the body inadvertently remains uncovered?

Words Hke Caliph, Mecca and Amen, however, appear in their English spelling as these are already parts of the English tongue. Ans, If one fourth part of such a part of the body remains inadvertently uncovered for a period of time sufficient to say thrice : SUBHANA RAB-B1YAL- S ADHIM Salat is not valid.

T " ' fc Translation from one language to another is at best a difficult task. Ans t Unclean ness automatically vanishes once the ground dries up and effects of unclean- ness (such as colour, smell and taste) disappear 135 Brought To You By LESSONS IN ISLAM— BOOK III Q,* How to cleanse uncleanness that smears tiie baked bricks or stones of the pavement of a house or mosque or those of a wall ? The bricks or stones of a building, if unclean, will become clean if traces of unclean- ness disappear, '^V^ Q,, How to wash articles like brass vessels or thick cushions which cannot be wringed ? The method to be followed in cleans- ing articles that are difficult or impossible to wring is as follows ; wash them once and leave them.

It is a kind of interpretation or transcrcation, a process by which the translator seeks to re-live the world of the author in all its wonder and beauty, fn actual fact the translator has to assume the role of a full-fledged author. When water stops dripping, give them a second wash and leave them.

He occupied the office of the Grand Mufti of India for over forty vear* till the end of his life, % The present work "lessons in Islam' 8 is a graded book and can serve as a very useful introduction to Islam, its basic tenets and the laws of Shariah that operate in our daily lives, ■ _ The book is in question-answer form ? It was perhaps meant to be useful to the young and the uninitiated. 134 Brought To You By IN ISLAM— BOOK Hi 49 Q, Can the articles such as knife or sword made of metals like iron, silver, copper or alu- minium be cleansed without washing ? Articles of metal like iron(which is free from rust) or of silver, gold, copper, aluminium or brass and those of glass, ivory, bone and pro- celain if they are clean and hav^ no engra V- ings on them can be cleansed by rubbing off the traces of filth and its impressions altoge- ther. What do we mean by a certain thing being without engravings ?

y^^ Some other equivalents used in present day translations were found unsatisfactory. 5\ 17, More about Water 52 18, More about Well 54 19, Cleansing with (lav (Tavam-murnl 56 8 Brought To You By If a spot equal to the breadth of a single hair is 144 Brought To You By r N ISLAM — BOOK UI 59 left, Tayam-mum is not valid. Then give them a shake, put four fingers of your left hand below the fingers of the right hand and draw them up to the elbow. Now, put the palm of the left hand on the upper side of the elbow and move it down to the fingers.

(FAKISTAN) Brought To You By "Lessons in Islam" is the rendering into English of the Talim-u I-Islam written in Urdu. If, however, he starts on his jour- ney after the completion of one day and night he must put off the socks and begin with a fresh Mas-ha. If, however, only the combined tear of the two socks is equal to the width of three toes while the tear of each individual sock is less than that, the Mas-ha is allowed to be done. These will be cleansed only if washed with a liquid substance like water so as to re- move all traces of uncleanness.

The author Maulana Mufti Muhammad Kifayat-ullah (1 872- J 952) was a versatile figure, He was one of the most distinguished scholars of Arabic, Muslim theology and Islamic studies of his age and remained on the forefront of the country's social, educational and political life for three decades in the first half of this century. Q,, What will be the position if the socks are torn a little at several places ? We must see whether the combined circumference of the tear is equal to three toes in width. ^ MORE ABOUT VISIBLE UMCLEANNESS AND HOW TO CLEANSE IT. How to cleanse the leather articles such as socks, shoes, hold-alls etc., if some filthy substance has smeared them ? They become clean by being rubbed against the earth or any other such thing provi- ded its impression on the item concerned is fully rubbed off. How to cleanse these articles if filth like urine, wine, etc. That is to say, any kind of uncleanness except the filthy subs- tance itself that smears the leather article, will be cleansed only if washed, and in no other way.

The present work is a modest attempt in this direction. Prayer (Salat) 17 10, First-Pre requisite of Salat 18 1L Ablution 20 12, Bath 23 13, Wiping (Mas-h) on Socks 25 14, Wiping the Bandage ^\ 26 15, Visible Uncleanriess 28 16, Cleansing after Natural Call ^ 30 17, Water 31 IS Well Watci /VT 34 Book III *\ .- 1 1. v Q,, How is it if Salat is performed on a piece of clean cloth spread, out on unclean ground* floor or cloth ? Salat is permissible if the foul smell or colour of unclean element below does not make itself manifest or felt on the upper cloth. Will Salat be valid if it is performed at a place which in itself is clean but adjoins a place where there is uncleanness and foul smell arises from it ? The Salat is technically valid but it is not desirable to perform it at such a place.

Painstaking efforts have been made by the translator to find English equivalents to terms and concepts such as would convey the full range of the original Arabic words and be at the same time acceptable to the speakers of English. COVERING CONCEALABLE PARTS (The fourth pre-condition for Salat). What do we mean by covering the concealable parts ?

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