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Now, I know that there will be people out there who would disagree with me and call me an idiot for saying so, so here I am to list my reasons to why I found this drama dissatisfying, instead of typing like an uneducated person who only states the fact that he/she is in love with the drama, simply insulting whoever that not on the same page with her, without defending her view. Yes, I have to agree that she has a pretty face, even when she looks blur, but it seems to me that she looks blur at almost all the parts she's expected to give a reaction during the drama, be it a happy scene or a sad scene.

That gets on my nerves a lot as it seems as if I, as a viewer, am giving out more emotions whilst watching this show than the lead actress herself, who is supposed to be portraying the emotion on TV.

I agree with the others, the ending is so frustrating and painful. I like also the role of Myungsoo and his character in the drama which made me more interested about what will really happened to him at the end.

To be honest, I mainly watched it because Myungsoo was in it.

her facial expressions are limited and i couldn't really feel all the emotions she was trying to convey.

but hey, she's young and there's a lot of room for improvement i guess, so good luck to her, and i'd definitely want her to visit acting workshops before taking on another leading role.

Seriously incredibly boring and I gave it so many chances and by the last episode I just skipped everything and didn't even get to the end because it was so predictable. I seriously had such great expectations and hopes and it was a good plot and the beginning was good. The episodes should be a little bit longer for a better ending to come but thoroughly,it's a very good drama to enjoy &i love it really much :).. weird because loving your dead girlfriend's sister. i only watch it because i was hoping that they will have a plot twist where L and krystal ended up getting together.

i didnt even watch the ending because its too predictable and boring.

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Is it weird, that I just watch this drama mainly because of L and Krystal.

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