Red flags for dating

“If you’re a ‘Seinfeld’ person and you try to date a ‘Friends’ person, you will be constantly disappointed in their straightforward, simple view of the world.

And if you’re a ‘Friends’ person dating a ‘Seinfeld’ person, you will bore them and utterly fail to understand their neuroses and anxiety.

“This was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever dated.

“He kept saying, ‘Give me a little time,’ while also growing increasingly distant.I was balls to the wall in love with him but I finally had to be like, ‘Okay, this is done.'” – Nanci The takeaway: Run as fast as you can from a guy who cheats with you.If he’s unavailable when you meet, he’ll stay unavailable.I said something about hammerhead sharks being a freak of evolution and she scoffed, ‘If you even in evolution.’ She added that you can’t believe in God and evolution at the same time.“I also made an abortion joke, and she started crying.

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