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Our wolves belong in the wild, not chained out in your back yard.

I remember the other wolfdog especially well because while he was sinking his teeth into my hand he looked me dead in the eye and clearly, oh oh ever-so-clearly, communicated “Don’t you EVER do that again.” I believe there was a curse word in there too, but I don’t know canine curses very well.

Wolves simply are not designed to live in houses with people. They do not, and will never, look to their human for guidance, or boundaries, or anything but to live together as equals. If you need more evidence, read the beautifully written and heartbreaking book, I started our rescue in 1999 by default.

It was never my intent to have a Wolfdog in my life, let alone open a sanctuary and rescue.

She had energy radiating out of her like mist rising from a lake, a jewel of a sparkle in her eyes and an overwhelming need to DO SOMETHING every single second. The couple eventually realized that there was no way they could manage a wolfdog and tried to find her a place to go. (I will refrain from expressing my reaction to that here.

I’ll just mention that it is unprintable, and leave it at that.) I couldn’t find a rescue organization that had room, they were all bursting at the seams and exhausted from trying to take care of the misfits they already had.

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He is drop-dead gorgeous and is flat out terrified of strangers.

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