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In announcing his identity as a gay man, Greiten chastised the Catholic Church for its stance on homosexuality.He wrote: "By choosing to enforce silence, the institutional church pretends that gay priests and religious do not really exist.Because of this, there are no authentic role models of healthy, well-balanced, gay, celibate priests to be an example for those, young and old, who are struggling to come to terms with their sexual orientation.

But rather, today, I chart a new course in freedom and in integrity knowing that there is nothing that anyone can do to hurt or destroy my spirit any longer. Valentina's mother was pregnant when she became infected with the Zika virus, and her daughter was born with microcephaly.

Father "Greg’s own story reminds each of us of God’s call to continue to grow in understanding and to live holy, chaste lives," Listecki said.

Greiten shared how for years he had been told that homosexuality was something to be punished.

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To order a copy of The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics (Nashville: Abingdon, 2001; 520 pp., paperback, list ), at 27% off (down to ), click on the image below, which will take you to Christian Book Distributors.

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  1. Sexual misconduct offenses include but are not limited to: In reviewing possible violations of sexual misconduct, the College considers consent as the voluntary, informed, uncoerced agreement through words and actions freely given, which a reasonable person would interpret as a willingness to participate in mutually agreed-upon sexual acts.