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400 participants rode pantless in groups of around 20 people back and forth on the subway Sunday afternoon. That woman in front of the top photo looks like SHE doesn’t see the humor in it.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA We weren’t particularly fond of Mohamed Hadid until we saw him driving this amazing car.

Isla Fisher and her newly engaged costar Hugh Dancy posed together at the Confessions of a Shopaholic premiere last night in London before Isla headed to BBC Radio 1 this morning.

Sacha Baron Cohen skipped the red carpet festivities again, but was close by to meet up for the after party.

We soon understand that she suffers from a pathology: “oniomania” which comes from the Greek (insanity), humorised as “shopaholism” in the movie.

On her way to the interview, she needs to buy a green scarf and – after all her cards get declined – she goes to a hot dog stand and offers to buy them all, if she gets the change back in cash, saying that the scarf is a very important gift for her aunt.

He beautifully restored this vintage Packard Caribbean convertible and it looks like a million bucks.At the event they attend, Luke shows up with Alicia but he ends up confessing his feelings for Rebecca at the end of the night and they kiss.Eventually, she has to tell him the truth as to why she shop compulsively, when the debt collector manages to find her.Luke Brendon is fascinated by Rebecca’s writing and he thinks that she is a great writer and gives a refreshing touch to his magazine.They happen to go on a working trip to Miami together and there, as Rebecca thinks that they will be together – he ends up dating the assistant of Alette, editor of the magazine where Rebecca dreamt of working.

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