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This album bears a sound intrinsic to the Miller brothers, combining traces of black metal, old school death metal, and NOLA sludge to create a massive wall of crushing doom.

With lyrical themes of time travel, ancient aliens, interdimensional vampire gods, and conspiracy theories galore, the album sets the scene of the conceptual universe in which the stories of Guillotine will be told.

These Greeks do not stingy with neckbreaker riffs and dizzying solos, which should lead every fan of this genre to create some space in his record collection between Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Vio-Lence an Anthrax"New War Order" was recorded at the D Studios in Athens and mixed and mastered by Mike Karpathiou.

Like on their previous albums, Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocsaust, Cannabis Corpse etc) was in charge of the artwork.: Death Metal ORIGIN: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Eternal Torment's brand of brutal death metal consists of weaving technical guitar riffs, relentless drumming, pounding bass lines and truly ferocious vocals to create a devastating fully automatic assault reminiscent of many influences ranging from classic 80’s to current death metal bands.

Ihr stark vom Thrash Metal der 90er Jahre und vom NYHC beeinflusster Sound lässt Headbanger sowie Mosh-Kids gleichermaßen den Pit aufmischen. Lyrics about loss, hatred and pain round off the atmosphere of their new album.

Produziert und aufgenommen haben sie ihr Album „WARPATH“ im Desert Inn Studio, in dem auch „Milking the Goatmachine“ und „Lay Down Rotten“ ihre Alben produzieren. gehen mit allem, was ihr Blut zum Kochen bringt, hart ins Gericht! Through the influences of Hardcore, Thrash-Black and Death Metal, Corbian are often compared with bands such as Amon Amarth, At The Gates Kataklysm and Heaven Shall Burn.

They wonderfully combine the romantic death-doom of the early Peaceville era with the glacial pace of funeral doom."Box Set / Digipak CD / Merch / Digital (March 5th, 2018) Genre - Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal Release Date - March 5th, 2018 Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Records (India) For fans of - BELL WITCH, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, USNEA, SKEPTICISM, PANTHEIST, ILLIMITABLE DOLOR, JUPITERIAN Doom metal supergroup TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS give us a sublime album of heart-wrenching drama emanating from historical events.«Those two tracks deal with time, and the damage it does to both human relationships and self esteem », says Oliver Verron.« I had this pure Doom Metal project in mind since the nineties, but couldn’t find any musicians back then so I finally decided to go for it alone, as a one-man band, first by releasing a demo in 2013». Zum gleichnamigen Titeltrack gibt es ab sofort ein Lyricvideo im MDD You Tube Channel!Since their 2010 demo, the guys are on the road and have released two highly-acclaimed albums with "The Brutal State" and "The Human Project" in 20.

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